Delicious British Foods

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Usually the British people take a large breakfast before they go to work as they don’t get time to take mid day meal with all the family members. They spent their time of midday meal with their workmates as well as with their school mates. Usually people use to take their lunch in between12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. In evening they finish their work at 5.30pm and try to reach their home in one hour. Everyone tries to take their dinner or evening meal in between 6.30pm and 8 pm.


delicious English food


Usually on Sundays people in Britain gets the opportunity to enjoy the company of their family members. On Sunday they enjoy the best British foods. For Britain people, the Sunday lunch is the best meal of the weak for the entire family. Usually on Sundays, most of the people use to take typical British foods like Yorkshire pudding and roast beef.

Everyone in Britain is aware of the term “Breakfast’’ which is described as the first meal of the day. But there are some other terms like “dinner, tea, lunch, elevenses, high tea, supper, brunch”, about these terms different people have different concepts. Among these words there is a lot of confusion among the peoples. People of Britain take different types of British foods in different time. At each and every time different food items are having different importance.


delicious English food



Usually British breakfasts are much larger than in comparison to some other countries. Most of the Britain people like to have a fried breakfast, which includes eggs, fried becon along with fried bread, or they are also interested in taking fried tomatoes or even black pudding. But most of the people just like to eat marmalade and toast along with coffee or tea as they are not interested in eating too heavy in early morning. Among most of the Britain people cereals are also important and the most common breakfast is cornflakes. These cornflakes are made from different grains like wheat, corn, oats etc. Most of the people of Scotland are interested in eating boiled oats as well as “porridge” as it is heavy and also keeps you warm in winter.


Most of the British family offer a “packed lunch” to eat during the midday meal. In most of the schools and in factories there are canteens where the people use to eat mid day lunch but the most common thing among the Britain people is the packed lunch. Usually this packed lunch includes a packet of crisps, some sandwiches, a can of drink like coca-cola and an apple. Usually plastic containers are used to hold these contents. Britain people take this plastic container along with the content while going to work or school. The contents may vary from day to day.


Even the Britain people wants to eat the meal of different other countries. It is said that even the British don’t like to eat much of the British food. They can take spaghetti or curry. But the most common British food which is taken for dinner is “meat and two veg”.  It consists of a piece of meat along with two different kinds of boiled vegetables. British have the weakness to eat potatoes. They eat lots of potatoes. Entire recipe is covered with gravy, which is a sauce, and it is made from the juice of the cooked meat.

Some of the important British Foods

Bangers and Mash

It is a mashed potato along with different sausages.

Yorkshire pudding

It is a batter which is made with eggs, milk, flour and then cooked in the oven. Usually this Yorkshire pudding is often eaten for Sunday lunch with roast beef.

Baked Beans

These are the cooked beans which are usually cooked in a tomato sauce. They are usually available in cans and are normally eaten with toast. It is a popular British food as it is liked by most of the Britain people.

A Ploughman’s Lunch

It is the most popular British food which people usually go to “pub” to take their mid day meal. Usually this meal consists of a bread roll along with a pickled onion and a piece of cheese. British cheeses are very good in taste and the most famous quality is Cheddar. Usually the cheeses are named after the place which they belong like Cheshire, Red Leicester etc. Stiton is a very nice British blue cheese but it may be little bit expensive.


A pie is a different kind of food which is surrounded by pastry. Usually this British food is baked in an oven. This British food can be savoury or it may be sweet. Some of the typical examples of pie are “apple pie” or “steak and kidney pie” and some others. You can have variation in the taste of different pie.

Bread and Butter

Usually when the British wants to eat bread they cover it with margarine or butter. In Britain it is very common to have bread and butter in the breakfast.

British Bread

There are various kinds of bread in Britain. You can ask to a baker for different kinds of bread and you just have to choose them. British breads are very tasty and they are in great demand by the British people. Though each and every kind of bread is good in Britain but the most popular bread is sliced white bread. Each of the type of bread is different in taste and people buy them as per their taste. All the breads are sold in plastic packets.

The Fish and Chip Shop

While visiting Britain, you must go for Fish and a Chip shop. In this shop fried potatoes which are known as chips are cooked. These chips are usually accompanied by pies, fish, mushy peas, etc. few days back these chips were wrapped in the news paper but now these chips are wrapped in white paper. Usually the shop keeper of this shop asked the customers of their choice whether they want vinegar or salt to be sprinkled over the chips or not. Take these things as per your choice. Entire British foods are delicious. People eat them as per their taste and choice.

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Healthy Food Habits

Every chef has their secrets, special spices, and ingredients that they use as a go to for making simple meals spectacular.  I like to experiment with flavors and taste to try and combine ingredients that produce delightful aromas and surprising flavor combinations.  Dinner around our house is typically healthy and tasty without taking too much time to make.

Here are some of my tips:

  • When you are cooking the meat season it with garlic salt before you put on additional seasonings.  It makes the flavors richer.  I did this with taco meat the other night and the garlic salt enhanced the taco seasoning, making it taste way better than regular taco meat.
  • Use fresh ingredients.  I made Tuscan chicken and used fresh tomatoes instead of canned or stewed.  Some people make this with a packet that has dried tomatoes.  None of that tastes as good as using fresh.  It not only enhances the flavor but it also creates a more pleasurable textural experience when you are eating.
  • Fresh herbs.  Whenever possible use fresh herbs in your cooking instead of things from a jar.  You can grow an herb garden in a window box in your kitchen or in a planter outside your front door.  The flavors from fresh basil, sage, rosemary and oregano are simply delightful.  Every meal taste better with fresh herbs.
  • Cilantro. This is one of my all time favorites.   Many people think of it as going into salsa or Mexican dishes but you can use cilantro in a variety of foods.  I like to add it into a mixed salad or chop it up for a crème sauce.  Cilantro makes everything taste fresh and is a perfect spring and summer ingredient.

We always have friends over for dinner because they love to try the new dishes we are experimenting with.  Recently we had someone over that was a die hard smoker and couldn’t taste the flavors like everyone else.  I used to smoke and quit before I became a chef… good thing too.  I told my friend to try Seminole Electronic Cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes have helped a lot of my friends to stop smoking and once they do, dinner tastes that much better.

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Nice Healthy Dish photos

Check out these healthy dish images:

healthy dish

Image by aJ GAZMEN ? GucciBeaR
***wiLLing to swap***
onLy one avaiLabLe

At Target’s bins!

2 ice packs
2 sizes of zipLoc bags : sandwich & snack
2 containers : reguLar 5" x 5" & side-dish 2.5" x 2.5" [both 2" deep]
1 lunch bag w/veLcro snap cLosure 6" x 3" x 9"

I didn’t get the Spiderman or Disney’s Cars kits.
They come with water bottLes as well, but it looks too pLain.

Health Attack – Fish Tank AUD10.90
healthy dish

Image by avlxyz
Health Attack – Fish Tank AUD10.90

Uncle Kheng Boh mentioned a nice fish & chip shop in Brighton that do a good fish, and so we headed there to check it out after a swim on probably one of the last warm Summer days. Maybe this was it, or maybe, it was Flathead Fish & Chips?

There was a wide variety of seafood on offer, because it doubles as a fishmonger during the day. All the seafood looked market fresh and the prices reasonable despite being on Church Street in Brighton.

On the menu was a nice mix of dishes, including Chilli Crab, half a lobster mornay for AUD16.90, salt and pepper squid etc. All at rather reasonable prices too.

We ordered a Health Attack which was a grilled fillet of flake, salad and chips. Nice, but the flake was a bit well done. We also got a baked flounder which was moist and tender and crisp on skin and fins.

Fish Tank
Church St, Brighton

Fish Tank shop front
Health Attack – grilled flake
Baked Flounder with Herb Butter
Middle Brighton Beach panorama

Bangus Fish Cake
healthy dish

Seafood Dish Contest: “Fish from aquafarms: masarap na, healthy pa

2nd Prize: University of Iloilo high School
Alexis Kerr Alvior
Coaches: Grace Bernal, Nick Alfred Umadhay

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Fried Pot Stickers / Cooking Chinese Food ????

Fried Pot Stickers are one of my favorite foods. You can cook them many different ways, and with many different kinds of fillings, but this is my favorite way to make them: with ground beef and Chinese Leek filling. These pot stickers are a mix of two very different textures and flavors, but everything works out perfectly to make this a delicious and healthy addition to your diet. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Join Savitaben J. Koria on a personal voyage into Gujarati cookery, following her innovative and thoughtfully crafted vegetarian Indian dishes. This collection of 150 full colour illustrated recipes are the result of decades of careful experimentation with ingredients and flavours. As a strict vegetarian, a young Savitaben spent her formative years learning the craft of producing freshly-cooked meals while living in Kitale, Kenya. She learned the basics of Gujarati cooking from her mother, and is used to cooking on a large scale. Sometimes spending up to three days refining and perfecting a recipe, Savitaben strives to create great food. She has skilfully fused modern methods and styles of cooking with decade-old recipes to bring you a delightful array of modern Indian dishes, with quick and easy to follow recipes.


More Indian Cuisine Vegetarian Products

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Cool Fast Food Eating images

Some cool fast food eating images:

Homemade Fast Food
fast food eating

Image by Chris Bartow
It’s Friday and I’ll eat carb sticks if I want to!

Perdue Nuggets and Ore-Ida Shoestring French Fries with ketchup

Stop Eating Animals
fast food eating

Image by Funkybug
Shot for my awesomest friend, Bill, who is a die-hard, no-chicken-eating, vegetarian. I just really intended for him to see the bumper sticker affixed to the stop sign. It wasn’t until I uploaded the shot that I noticed the Wendy’s across the street.

I love a happy accident.

Shot in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Permission MUST be sought and granted for use.
All images used must contain the following © Robin Ervolina, funkyfotography. Please follow the link for terms of use in order to avoid violation of copyright.
Specific copyright information here

Killing by fast food
fast food eating

Image by Nomadize
"Fast food is no good"Everybody know it but everybody eat fast food ordinarily.
In Taiwan, government adjust the minimum wage which is NT an hour that doesn’t adjust for ten years to NT.To observe the law, McDonald give NT an hour for part-time employees but cancel the free meal and the 15 minutes break time in each 4 hours, curtail the time to PM 24:00 -AM 6:00 for overtime pay which was PM 23:00-AM 7:00 before. It seriously against the employees’ rights and interests. I think they could come out strike. Now I would boycott McDonald (And the fries in photo would be the last time for me to buy McDonald’s fast food).

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Nice Curry Chicken photos

Some cool curry chicken images:

Thai red curry chicken
curry chicken

Image by Anil Wadghule
Sunday visit to Malaka Spice, KP, Pune

Curry chicken b/w brown rice and green beans
curry chicken

Image by zole
A cooking non-disaster!

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365.111 cold schmold

Some cool fast food plan images:

365.111 cold schmold
fast food plan

Image by wine me up
went to bed with a dry itchy throat. woke up with the same. loading up on emergen-c and water. i cannot get sick before traveling to california. nope, won’t do it.

Whataburger Sign
fast food plan

Image by Plan for Opportunity
Sign for a Whataburger in Mississippi.

Fast_Food_Sign_Whataburger_AM (1)

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Nice Food Habits photos

Some cool food habits images:

Sour Cream Baked Doughnuts
food habits

Image by jazzijava
Since these are relatively quick to whip together, they are not that big a deal to mix up as an afternoon snack or a late breakfast on the run. Just remember, though… they are still essentially pastries and they are covered in sugar, so don’t make it a habit, OK? If you are looking for more of an indulgence than my (semi-virtuous) doughnuts are offering, head on over to either Tartlette or Peabody’s sites for their Time to Make the Doughnuts event, and look after Feb. 15th for a delicious doughnut roundup!
Recipe here:….

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